About Your Community

Each property owner within Cabell's Mill is a member of the Cabell's Mill Community Association (CMCA). The CMCA serves as the governing body of the community guided by a Board of Directors which consists of neighbors who have volunteered to serve the community. The board meets at 7:30 PM the first Thursday each month at the Sully Government Center, or by Zoom meeting* to discuss matters important to the community, manage financial responsibilities, enforce CMCA covenants, and discuss upcoming events. 

*Please contact the board at contact@cabellsmill.com to find out if the meeting is scheduled to be in person or by Zoom meeting, if you are interested in attending. We will be happy to schedule a few minutes to meet you and discuss your concerns.

The CMCA Annual Members' Meeting is held in February with notices sent by email, posted on the website, and included in the annual dues invoice typically mailed in the November/ December timeframe.